Laconia Bike Week Weddings

Laconia wedding couple

The romance and the just plain out adventure of a biker wedding at one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the world. Many chose Laconia weddings because it is a marker in life, a way to make a statement, a way to have a lot of fun.

We do photography of weddings at the biggest and most prestigious biker rallies in North America. Check out some of our samples. Give us an email with questions. And lock us in to do a photojournalistic photo shoot of your very special wedding at Laconia Bike Week. We specialize in candid photojournalism coverage much like we do for feature magazines. Photos before, during and after the ceremony in the most dramatic locations.

All photos are on a CD for you to keep and print anywhere you wish. We do a special DVD slide show of your wedding which you can play on your computer, or TV. No extra charge, and it's very popular with our corporate clients. Your photos will be online in a private password protected account where you, friends and relatives may look at them when you return home. We have a special contract with the best weddingn print lab in North America, and you can get any prints you wish at the wholesale price.

And we specialize in biker wedding photography.

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