Sample slide show

This is a small sample of what the wedding slide show is like. Yours will have more photos on it, and come on a dvd, with several extras for relatives. And the DVD you get is easier and more automatic than this brief online sample. It also of course had your wedding on it, and has many more photos on it. This brief sample is a winter hike on the Deerfield Trail in the Black Hills, but it does give you an idea of what the slideshow is like.

This one is from a winter hike above Pactola in the Black Hills. Though we kept it small, it is still 28 megs, so if you have a dial-up internet connection it will perhaps take too long to download to look at. But if you have a high speed cable or dsl internet connection, it takes about three minutes to download.

After you download the file, click on it to open the program. Then click on the picture two times, and leave a second betweek each click. The slide show and music will begin. If you click quickly and the browser minimizes the size of the show, just click the square to make it cover your entire screen.

Click here to download