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Roughlock Falls

Roughlock Falls - Black Hills

Roughlock Falls Map

Roughlock Falls is one of the most beautiful locations in the Black Hills. Water from springs upstream in Little Spearfish Creek cascade down the falls. The surrounding limestone cliffs embrace the canyon and give it an ancient look. The stream is usually exceptionally clear. Wild brown trout dart in an out of the shadows. And it is snowed in during the depths of winter.

You can get there on 14A coming from near either Sturgis or Spearfish. The turnoff from Spearfish Canyon to get to the falls is at Savoy. When you get to the Latchstring Inn on the east, or Spearfish Canyon Lodge on the west, you're near the turnoff. It's gravel road for a couple miles to Roughlock Falls.

  • Aspen and birch trees grow all around in Spearfish Canyon and near the falls. They turn yellow in autumn, usually the first week in October. The coniferous trees are either ponderosa pine or Black Hills spruce.

  • Another waterfall - Bridal Veil Falls, flows off the canyon walls between Savoy and Spearfish.

  • Eagle Cliff Cross Country Ski Area lies further up near O'Neil Pass.

  • A scenic hiking trail edges along the stream from Spearfish Canyon up to Roughlock Falls. It's an easy walk.

  • Another trail starts at Latchstring Inn and goes down toward Spearfish Creek.

Roughlock Falls Map


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roughlock falls

Roughlock Falls
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